New Mill-Turn Department

RevZero is starting 2018 with an automated mill-turn department.  The foundational technology is a bar-fed machine with automated loading and unloading capabilities for continuous lights-out machining.

The goal for the department is simple: produce higher quality parts with shorter lead times for lower unit costs.

·          The combination of turning and milling allows us to feed a bar of material, create 5-axis turned and milled features on five sides of the part.  Then, with an integrated pick-off vise, clamp the nearly completed piece, cut it off from the bar, rotate it, and finish the 6th-side. 

·         The Willemin 508MT2 Linear is 4-5x faster than current machines and offers 3-4x more unattended run time. 

·         The machine reduces setup time, scrap, and WIP by producing parts complete and avoiding the need for multiple operations. 

·          Machine specs:

o    Linear drives allow for fast acceleration and deceleration, better positional accuracy, and have no mechanical parts to wear.

o    High spindle speeds (30k rpm) for optimized cutting and tool life

o    Smaller envelope equals faster machining times from reduced movements

o    Precision balanced tool holders allow for better surface finishes, tighter tolerances, and better tool life plus more rapid ramp up to speed.

o    B-axis and integrated turning capability all for machining of almost any geometry.

o    On-machine tool break detection and probing allow for unattended time and in-process corrections without operator involvement

o    Thermoregulated for repeatability and fast startups after change-overs when machine cools down

o    Fire suppression for safe unattended operations, highest quality mist extractor for cleanliness and employee health.

We look forward to adding several more as we expand our mill-turn department. 

Kirk O'Brien